Free Period Care

A modern take on the
coin-operated dispensers of the past.

What We Do


With our intuitive CRM dashboard and alert system, businesses can track stock levels and usage data in real time.


A coin-less take on the old-fashioned dispensers, all it takes now to get a FREE tampon or pad is a quick SMS!


Our large LCD screen can display a wide range of content, from advertisements to location-specific news.



of menstruators started their periods in public without the necessary supplies.

Image by Erik Mclean


of menstruators have improvised by making a tampon or pad from toilet paper


of menstruators say old - fashioned 

dispensers in public restrooms work all

the time

Our Mission

In America, nearly 25 million women and almost 30 percent of transgender and non-binary individuals live in poverty. Yet, menstrual products are not covered by food stamps.

KAALI isn’t just a disruptor in the healthtech space — we’re part of a growing global movement to promote awareness and enforcement of menstrual health, gender equity, and body literacy. Our efforts in industry and advocacy drive positive change in synergy with other groups, companies, and individuals.

We aim to achieve this through two main channels: Advocating and Educating. Learn how you can join us on our journey!

Crowd Protesting

So proud of Kaali's dedication to making free period products accessible and available to all.

Usha Anandi, Founder of Womben Wellness

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