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KAALI Dispenser

Always Stocked

We work with facilities teams to ensure there is a consistent supply of pads and tampons. Each dispenser holds 100 tampons and 75 pads.

Zero Waste & Contactless

Our touch-less solution only requires a quick SMS text for a free product, and businesses can limit the number of products per person.

CRM Dashboard & Alerts

Real-time stock levels and usage data are uploaded to our Facilities Platform and alerts facilities teams when it’s time to restock.

32 inch LCD Screen

Our large and immersive display is a visually rich advertising opportunity, helping offset costs for businesses.

How it Works

With our dispenser, no menstruator will ever feel unprepared in public again.

No quarters required -- all you need is your phone and a quick text to the designated number to get a tampon or pad.

1) Text

Text "Tampon" or "Pad" to the designated number to choose a free product.

4) Repeat

Newly stocked, the dispenser

is ready to go again.

2) Receive

The desired period product will immediately dispense.

3) Restock

If the smart dispenser senses that stock is low, it will notify facilities staff to refill it.

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Promote your business or organization in areas with high foot traffic.

Partner with us to provide your menstrual products for our dispenser.

Property Owner

Align yourself with a socially impactful initiative and install our dispenser in your property.

Make a statement to your customers that you are in this fight for gender equity.


Our dispenser can display a variety of content that is tailored to your preferences or needs.

Advertise on a platform that is directly working towards changes in gender equity.

San Francisco, CA

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